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Online hypnotherapy

Does online hypnotherapy work?

In my experience, online hypnotherapy is just as effective as working face-to-face.

One of the many things I love about solution focused hypnotherapy is how versatile it is. We can deliver sessions in person or remotely using Zoom, or even WhatsApp or Facetime on a phone, and there is absolutely no detrimental impact on the results.

How can online therapy be so effective?

During the Covid pandemic, many hypnotherapists moved online in order to keep supporting their clients while they were unable to work face-to-face. We always knew that, as the changes we support with hypnotic trance are happening in the client's own brain, not in the therapy room, that distance should not affect the experience. Even before lockdown, clinical evidence was positive for digital sessions. With so many hypnotherapists now offering online sessions, we have all seen clients continue to progress at the same rates as in pre-pandemic sessions.

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Technical requirements for online therapy:

  • A suitable device which can be set up in a quiet, comfortable location. Larger screens are better, especially for the initial consultation, but we can work via video call on a smartphone.
  • A reliable internet connection

Is online hypnotherapy right for me?

To figure out if online therapy is the right choice for you, here are some pros and cons to consider:

Advantages of online hypnotherapy:

  • Flexibility - therapists can offer a broader range of appointment times to fit your schedule. Clients working from home often find it convenient to schedule a session in their lunch break.
  • Simpler to plan - No anxiety around getting stuck in traffic, getting lost or being late - just switch on your screen, click and link and you've arrived.
  • No need to miss sessions when you travel or have to isolate.
  • Great for clients with mobility issues, where anxiety prevents them accessing in-person sessions, or who live remotely
  • Less time commitment - easier for those with busy lives and care responsibilities.
  • Work with the therapist of your choice, regardless of location.
  • No need to leave home! Sessions in a familiar, comfortable environment you can control completely - snuggle under your favourite blanket, drink out of your favourite mug and even enjoy a relaxing session with your dog or cat.

Advantages of in-person hypnotherapy:

  • Change of environment - spending time in a different space can prompt an immediate change in mindset
  • Less distractions - where work, the ongoing to do list or other household members cause too much distraction, you may prefer to have therapy sessions away from home, where you can set clearer boundaries.
  • My incredibly comfortable chair!
  • No technical requirements - in-person sessions are better for those who find technology adds to their stress levels or for those already suffering from Zoom fatigue.

Many clients choose to book a mixture of online and in-person sessions that fit their needs. The format where you feel most comfortable and relaxed will be the right choice for you.

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How much does online hypnotherapy cost?

I offer a free, no obligation initial consultation and individual online therapy sessions cost £80 each.

Many of my clients choose to book a pre-paid package of hypnotherapy sessions at a discounted price.

Where can you offer online therapy?

I offer convenient online hypnotherapy sessions to clients throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland.

"I have suffered on and off with anxiety for a long time. I have tried various therapies over the years to help, including counselling, all of which improved things but didn’t solve the problem. Through a series of Zoom hypnotherapy sessions, I have gradually reduced my level of anxiety and begun to see things more clearly and more importantly been able to make changes in my life without being held back by my anxiety."
Maidstone, Kent
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