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About hypnosis

Is hypnotherapy right for me?

If there's something else you would like to know about hypnotherapy treatment, please email me directly or book your free initial consultation to chat in person.

Can hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy, effective in helping with a wide range of issues from anxiety and stress to IBS and weight management, often with other therapies. Please do get in touch to find out if hypnotherapy could help you.

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical advice, and I recommend consulting your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment for certain medical conditions. It is always advisable to inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

How much do hypnotherapy sessions cost?

I charge £80 per standard session and £200 for a stop smoking session. My initial consultation is always free and I offer discounts for multi-session packages, as well as ongoing discounts for NHS staff, Blue Light card holders and Services. Please see my hypnotherapy price list & current offers

Can I get hypnotherapy on the NHS?

While some hypnotherapists are registered as NHS providers, you cannot usually get hypnotherapy on the NHS.

The NHS recommend seeking help only from trained hypnotherapists registered with an organisation recognised by the Professional Standards Authority, such as the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), where I am registered. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my professional organisations to check my qualifications or registrations.

Can you claim hypnotherapy on health insurance?

Some medical insurance providers do cover hypnotherapy and private health cash plans may reimburse or part pay for your hypnotherapy treatment so it is worth talking to your insurer before booking sessions. Criteria for treatment varies by insurer and plan. Currently, the following health cash plan providers recognise hypnotherapists, like myself, who are registered with the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC):

  • Medicash - up to 50% of the therapy cost up to the set annual limit (dependant on plan)
  • Westfield Health - Some corporate paid plans
  • Health Shield - Individual and corporate paid plans, 80% of therapy cost up to the set annual limit (dependant on plan)
  • Elect - Business health care plans
  • Paycare - 100% of claims up to £150 limit (dependant on coverage)
  • The Health Insurance Group - Health care cash plan broker for individuals and businesses

Note: This information is provided by the CNHC and is correct as 11th August 2021. Please check with your health insurance provider before booking.

How long are hypnotherapy sessions?

A standard hypnotherapy session is between 50 minutes and 1 hour long. The initial consultation takes about 45 minutes. My stop smoking session is a single, up to 2 hour session which includes a full consultation and hypnosis.

How many sessions will I need?

As a guide, expect to need 3 sessions to treat a phobia, 6-12 sessions for managing stress and anxiety and a single 2 hour session for stopping smoking. However, every one of us is different and we will discuss a suitable treatment plan for you in your initial consultation.

Where can I see you for hypnotherapy?

I offer in-person therapy sessions at Cosmopolitan Medical Clinic in Maidstone town centre on Monday mornings and Thursdays. Please follow me on Facebook or sign up to my email newsletter to hear about current offers.

I also work with clients throughout the UK via online therapy sessions, with Covid-safe home visits for clients in Maidstone, Kent and the surrounding area.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

A typical session involves a combination of talking therapy and hypnosis and will follow a similar format each week:

  • What's been good?

    Discussing your week, focusing on positives and noticing movement towards your goals
  • 'Brain revision'

    - Understanding how the brain works and how that relates to your experiences
  • Talking therapy

    - Using solution focused questioning to refine your goals and develop solutions. Depending on your needs, we may also draw on elements of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you on your journey.
  • Hypnosis

    - A guided relaxation to induce a trance state where you can relax and absorb, allowing your brain to continue to work on solutions while we reinforce this with positive suggestions

I also use various methods to measure positive change as your sessions progress, which many clients find motivating.

How can I get the most out of my hypnotherapy sessions?

While solution focused hypnotherapy doesn't require extensive 'homework', the clients who see the most dramatic results are those who engage most with each session.

Listening to your relaxation mp3 between sessions helps reinforce the work we do together and can really help the process. If you are dealing with the exhaustion of long term issues like depression or chronic pain, it is important to remember that just booking your initial consultation is a big step and a commitment towards change which you should be proud of. We will always work at your pace towards your goals.

What does hypnotic trance feel like?

Trance is a relaxed state which we go into naturally many times every day, when we are daydreaming, driving, reading a book, running or watching TV. Hypnotic trance is a calming, pleasant experience as you feel your muscles relax and your breathing slow. You will become less aware of and bothered by your surroundings, your mind will start to wander and you may feel slightly out of touch with the passing of time, allowing you to let go of your day to day anxieties. One of my clients described trance as a 'bubble bath for the brain'!

What if I can't go into a trance?

Trance is a natural, ‘daydream’ state which we enter into many times a day and as such, everyone is capable of the trance state, although depth of trance varies. For the purposes of hypnotherapy, a light trance, which is just a feeling of relaxation, is absolutely fine. The more you practise going into trance, the easier it becomes, so using your relaxation mp3 between sessions will really help.

Can I get stuck in a trance?

No. Trance is just a focused, relaxed state like a daydream. You are always in control during trance and can emerge from hypnosis whenever you wish.

Will hypnosis make me lose control?

No. Despite the theatrics of stage hypnosis, loss of control during hypnosis is a myth and you cannot be made to do anything which you don't want to do. Hypnosis induces a state of focused attention, similar to being absorbed in a book, film, or craft, where you feel less distracted by your surroundings. You can enjoy the experience safe in the the knowledge that you will retain complete control throughout and can end trance at any time, should you wish or need to. Most people find trance a pleasant and relaxing experience, so this rarely happens in practice.

Can I drive or work after hypnosis?

Yes. Awaking from a trance is like coming back to reality after finishing a good book or watching a fantastic film. It usually takes a moment to reengage with the world around you, but you'll be perfectly capable of carrying on your day, often feeling more productive than normal. Listening to a hypnosis recording while driving is not recommended as you need to stay focused on your surroundings!

Does online hypnotherapy work?

Online hypnotherapy has been proven equally effective as in-person sessions and I see this in action working with clients throughout the UK via Zoom. It is particularly helpful for those who are working from home, who have caring responsibilities or who struggle to travel. To work with me online, you will need access to a good internet connection and a quiet environment where you will be comfortable and undisturbed.

Find out more about online hypnotherapy

I don't want to talk about it. Can you still help?

One of the huge advantages of solution focused therapies is that we don't need to analyse why you struggle, revisit traumatic experiences or confront issues you would rather leave in the past. This gentle and pragmatic approach focuses on solutions rather than problems and can help you to move forward towards a more positive future.

Is hypnotherapy safe for everyone?

Hypnotherapy is generally very safe, however there are some medical conditions such as a history of psychosis, where it may be contraindicated and we will discuss any areas of concern in your initial consultation. I always recommend consulting with your GP before starting any additional treatments or therapies. With your consent, I am always happy to share information or liaise directly with your medical specialist to discuss appropriate treatment plans which complement rather than conflict.

Can you have hypnotherapy when you're pregnant?

Yes! Hypnotherapy is safe to use to reduce stress and anxiety throughout your pregnancy and can help with relaxation and sleep, great for the health of both mother and baby. Non-invasive and hands off, it can also help those going through fertility treatment or trying to give up smoking in preparation for pregnancy.

Is hypnotherapy safe for children?

Children often respond well to suggestion and hypnosis, as they are usually more active in their use of imagination. While hypnosis can be effective on very young children, those of around 8 years or older are more able to engage with talking therapies effectively. If you feel hypnotherapy could help your child, please do contact me to discuss their needs.